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Jacobson TR3 Case Study


The Jacobson TR3 golf course mower is designed to cut Tee and Green length grass whilst damp with morning dew without leaving grass clumps. This is an important factor for golfers in that clumps affect the run of the ball and that green keepers do not have to waste time removing the them.

Our brief was to get an early morning shot that would show the definition line between damp uncut grass and the cut area.

Working with Jacobson product demonstrator Matt, we set off on a late October morning to our chosen position and prepared the cut area. Another mower was brought to do the cutting, so as not to dirty the one to photograph. This cutting could only be done just before we were ready to shoot in case the sun dried our cut line.

As the sun began to rise, the temperature dropped dramatically and seemed to shrink the metal parts of the tethering cable from my camera to my laptop, not allowing me to view the image on screen. In shivering hands I frantically rubbed the cable ends until we had a connection again, just in time to take the photographs.

Over a welcome cup of hot tea and a bacon sandwich, Matt and I congratulated ourselves on another successful shoot!