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Encapsulation & Laminating

Encapsulating, or laminating as it can be called, is a simple method to give all round protection to posters and other printed materials. It will make the images waterproof and more rigid and sturdy, but they can still be rolled for easy transportation.

The encapsulation film has a glossy finish and is adhered to both sides of the image leaving a 6mm edge of film around the poster to ensure a good seal and that no damp or dust can get onto the print. Any dirt or greasy finger marks can be gently washed from the surface of the film to leave your image clean and ready to use again.

Encapsulation is ideal for products such as posters, plans and drawings, menus or any other printed display images that are not mounted to rigid board.

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As you might understand, because this process is carried out under pressure and at a high temperature, any materials supplied by a client and not printed by us is done so at customers own risk of damage caused by the process. We can offer advice only upon seeing the material, but no guarantee.


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